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Jul 25 th, 2023
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Ladies Who Rape

Not long ago I was a visitor of HuffPostLive, an online talk show that tackles the quintessential tender topics with sophistication and a rational attention. The subject was titled “When Predators tend to be Females” and my personal man friends were all survivors of female rape.

These men had been a daring couple of dudes.

They were brave since they spoke around against a cultural misconception that males, teens and guys like sex — any intercourse under any kind of scenario.

And expressed the misunderstandings they thought because they’d already been taught this misconception then happened to be later mentally coerced or aggressively broken by a woman.

Often the girl was much more mature plus the son a mere teen who had been under her treatment or under some kind of energy dynamic that caused it to be impossible for him to express no.

In other cases it absolutely was a hostile lady whom made use of big date rape drugs and Viagra as her tools of rape.

In most cases, the guys felt traumatized and, considering the cultural misconception, felt hopeless to talk about it or touch base for assistance.

Feminine intimate predators tend to be rare, nevertheless the numbers tend to be unclear because so few men and kids report their unique crimes.

Women that use social power or chemical tools to have intercourse with one (or girl) are as much aggressive attackers as a male rapist.


“the thought of male rape is

maybe not fodder for snickers.”

Very let me make this clear.

The term “no” must be recognized irrespective the sex of the individual. Before any two different people enter a sexual experience, they need to be colleagues who is able to each give verbal consent.

The notion of male rape is certainly not fodder for snickers. Really a life threatening criminal activity.

While the injuries of bodily and psychological traumatization are as visceral in a male target of rape as a lady prey.

In a number of means, it is more serious since there are not many people they’re able to speak with and couple of guys get the sympathy and treatment they have earned.

My personal cap goes off to the amazing, evolved guys who will be just starting to go to town about extremely sensitive subject.

Discover the web link on the HuffPostLive Show:

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