Is Trrump turning on Mark Meadows?

Just when you think you know the depth of former President Donald Trump’s recklessness and arrogance, something new comes along to prove you don’t. According to The Guardian, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows reveals in a new book that Trump tested positive for the Covid-19 virus three day before his first debate with then-presidential candidate Joe Biden. The book says another test in that period came back negative.

Meadows’ revelation could mean the then-president entered the venue even though he might have been endangering the lives of everyone there. For Trump, all’s fair in politics, it seems, including possibly exposing one’s opponent to a deadly pathogen. On Wednesday, Trump issued a statement denying that he had Covid prior to the debate.
The Guardian’s source is an advance copy of “The Chief’s Chief,” a tell-all book by Meadows. While the report of a negative test is worth noting, the uncertainty over which test was correct should have led to caution. What reasonable person would hide all this and proceed as normal? Indeed, four days after the debate, Trump was rushed to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for Covid care.
As with so many things involving Trump, the truth of his illness was obscured. He was, in fact, much sicker than announced and required aggressive treatment.
Mark Meadows reaches deal with January 6 committee 01:46
Meadows’ book, which will go on sale next week, may be viewed as a stab-in-the-back by his former boss and his most fervent allies. These folks will find more reason to curse Meadows as he cooperates with Congress’s investigation of the violent January 6 attack on the Capitol by a mob of Trump’s followers who, revved up by their man’s speech at a rally, fought with police until they gained access to the building and forcibly delayed the formal acceptance of Biden’s election victory.
CNN broke the news that Meadows would cooperate with the select committee investigating the January 6 attack on Tuesday. Meadows’ lawyer has said he may feel constrained to respect the former president’s executive privilege claim that he can keep certain things secret, a legal question which is winding its way through the courts now.
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