Opinion | Ron DeSantis Knows the Formula to Defeat Donald Trump

The scale of the clash shouldn’t be exaggerated — so far it mostly consists of muttering from Mar-a-Lago, and speculation that both men could end up throwing their hats in the 2024 ring. Obviously, it’s also insanely early. No one can be sure that either Trump or DeSantis will run for president two years from now. If Trump decides to make the plunge, it’s far from clear that DeSantis will. If DeSantis runs, in a field with or without Trump, no one can be sure he won’t flame out like past contenders who were highly touted early on. By the time the New Hampshire primary rolls around, it could be a battle between, say, J.D. Vance and Larry Hogan, given how wrong early prognostications have been in the past.

But the Trump-DeSantis storyline is inherently alluring, considering the chances of a collision between two men who have been allies and the possibility of the subordinate in the relationship, DeSantis, eclipsing the figure who helped to elevate him into what he is today. Whether that ever happens is unknowable, yet the spat is revealing nonetheless: Some version of what DeSantis represents has the greatest odds of coaxing the party away from Trump and forging a new political synthesis that bears the unmistakable stamp of Trump while jettisoning his flaws.

Head In Ass Train Comments on January 21, 2022 in Politics.
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