Weekly Trump Report Card: A huge week, even for President Trump

This week’s White House Report Card finds President Trump spiriting through Europe, scoring points and settling grudges. The indictment of Russian military officials in the 2016 election hacking probe will interfere with Trump’s Monday meeting with Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin, meaning next week will be typically busy and huge too.

Our graders were split over the president’s week, with conservative Jed Babbin giving it an A for achievements, while pollster John Zogby graded it a D+ for bad manners and policy.

President Trump had a very big week, even for him. Begun with a solid nomination to the Supreme Court, continuing with a highly contentious NATO summit and culminating in meetings with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump reminded us of Winston Churchill’s characterization of John Foster Dulles: a bull who carries a china shop with him.

Head In Ass Supporter Comments on July 14, 2018 in Politics.
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