‘Haunted’ foreign secretary toes the soft Brexit line – for now

Over the past few weeks, Boris Johnson has, according to his friends, acquired a “haunted” air, as the incremental but inevitable moment that the cabinet would sign up to a soft Brexit crept ever closer.

Those close to the foreign secretary say that he feels he has been “bounced” into agreeing to a deal that is a world away from the hard Brexit he campaigned for. “He thinks that what’s on the table is so flawed we might even be better off staying in,” one said.

After he had shared his concerns with cabinet colleagues at the Chequers summit, saying anybody defending the deal would be “polishing a turd”, Johnson fell into line. One cabinet minister told the Guardian: “He was actually very big about it and by dinner spoke passionately in favour of making it work.”

Head In Ass Supporter Comments on July 11, 2018 in Politics.
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