Trump Had His Worst Week Yet—but Will It Matter?

We still don’t know what transpired in Donald Trump’s unprecedented, ill-advised, two-hour private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday. In the absence of information about the meeting—Putin says the two men reached agreements on nuclear weapons and Syria; Trump reportedly still hasn’t told his foreign-policy or national-security staff what was discussed—we are left to scrutinize photos for clues. Leaving the meeting, in most photos I’ve seen, Putin looked lordly; Trump looked humbled, chastened, miserable. On social media his critics were comparing him to Reek, the tortured, castrated Theon Greyjoy alter ego in Game of Thrones. We saw Trump suck up to Putin unbearably in their joint press conference, accepting his denials of 2016 election interference and entertaining his suggestion that the United States would turn over some former diplomats for Russian questioning.

Head In Ass Supporter Comments on July 26, 2018 in Politics.
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